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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Vegas Photo Dump

Thee are all just views from our balcony. Pretty much the only other photos that were taken were of me reluctantly standing under the "Welcome to the World Series of Poker" about half and hour after busting from the main event, so - needless to say - won't be sharing those!


  • At 8:32 PM, Blogger TenMile said…

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  • At 10:24 AM, Blogger John Long said…

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  • At 9:01 AM, Anonymous Martin Kefl said…

    You can not play poker and Texas Holdem Poker surout, disregarding psychology. Yours and others ... Ask yourself: "Who is bluffing? Who's game? And I, should I bluff or not? Under what circumstances?" ... So here are some important points on which you can rely and from which you build your own Experience:
    Your opponents

    Watch them. Their style of play first. Holdem poker, as in life, you adapt your behavior according to the people you're dealing with. There are many different characters, but what you are interested here is how they manifest themselves. In reality, each player adopts more or less consciously playing style
    In poker, you can play "large" or "tight", "passive" or "aggressive". In fact, you will find four types of players, you identify the best and as soon as possible:
    The "loose-passive": it is the worst. He plays "large" because he plays almost every hand, indiscriminately. In addition, it follows the stimulus set and once every 36 months. It is the ideal customer. Especially do not follow his example. And if it's a friend, advise him to stop playing poker!
    The "loose-aggressive" it is in every time and he raises very often. This is a dangerous madman, a loser in the long run. But it can really hurt if he is lucky! Beware of him. Do not enter the game and wait for it rather in the woods with a deck gun!
    The "tight-passive" one, if it comes in a coup, he still has a big play a hand of choice. Therefore mistrust. But on the other hand, it does not focus very strong. It follows, but it pays stimulus when it is sure to be the game winner. Strategy, if you have identified, is it too predictable to really harm you ...
    The "tight-aggressive" this is the good poker portal ! The pro of the game very often. He carefully selects his starting hands, not so much by their absolute value but their value in the context of the shot. His judgment is sure. Besides this, he is aggressive in the sense that, when he engages in a sudden, he does not hesitate to take risks and bet big. This does not mean that it never bluffing. Instead. If the situation and the information it has gathered make him feel a weakness in the opponent or he knows hit hard, even with a zero clearance on a flop terrifying! If you see a player like that, flee the table ... or rather not play at his table but avoid strikes against him if you can and watch strategy for inspiration ...

  • At 9:02 AM, Anonymous No Download play said…

    Your profile and your picture to a poker table "Texas Holdem"

    Try to control your emotions at all times. A time to keep your clarity, your judgment, and secondly for not giving information to your opponents. Yes, because if you look at the other, they are watching you too! ...

    Without you knowing why, you tend to start to adopt a style of play that fits your personality, your character. It's like that. Anyway it would be a mistake to try to go against your natural tendencies. The key is to know yourself and to know the technique. AORs you can challenge and improve yourself ...

    With time and experience, you will also learn to cover their tracks, to vary your strokes to confuse your opponents course, as you yourself in the other direction, looking at you Poker UK !

  • At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Issac Nesta said…

    "Tell," as so many poker terms, is an English word that is often used to refer to evidence that reveals the behavior of a player at a table .... Not only hands he plays but his attitude while he plays. Not only situations where the amount of bets or its updates but the tempo of his productions, his gestures, his facial expressions while he put his reactions, his emotions, his tremor, hesitation ... There are a thousand things that deserve to be taken into account that complement your information and help you in your decision. The trick is to correctly interpret this information, knowing that the other players, knowing they observed, can play comedy. For attention, the first thing to know is that all cinemas are allowed in Texas Hold'em! Do not allow texas holdem!

    First, when you play at a table, always be alert. The strokes you play, of course. But also those THAT YOU DO NOT PLAY! This will allow you to establish "sheets" on your opponents to associate emotions or tics with the cards they showed at the end of the shot. When the same emotion, the same tic happen against you, you have a valuable indication for this behavior often correspond to the same type of cards, or at least the same strength as he showed earlier.


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